Cryptocurrency also enters the world of betting

The world of sports betting has gone in a few years from the "physical" mode, consisting of centers entirely dedicated to betting, to the virtual mode, offered by the many online betting platforms; formula now preferred by most Italians fans of sports betting and casino games.

The fact that technology has been transforming this industry for some time now, completely revolutionizing the way we bet, evaluate odds and collect winnings, is nothing new. However, it was not expected to see the debut in online betting cryptocurrencies, a type of digital currency created through a system of codes.

Main cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are considered a particularly popular method of payment online, which can be used both to make deposits on your account and to make withdrawals of amounts won. Today, more and more bookmakers have shown a certain openness towards this digital currency , thanks to the boom of Bitcoin , the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the world. As a result of this success, casino platforms have also adapted and decided to offer cryptocurrencies as one of their payment systems.

Yet, cryptocurrencies are still a mystery to many, in fact, apart from Bitcoin, most people are completely unaware of the existence of other types of cryptocurrency such as; Ethereum, IOTA, Monero, Ripple and Litecoin.

Each cryptocurrency has particular characteristics, so before you start considering them as a form of money, you will need to inform yourself carefully.

How to Bet with Bitcoins

After reading up on the subject, you can place bets using Bitcoins. The first step is to make at least one deposit into your Bitcoin wallet, using either a credit card or a bank transfer. Once you have made the purchase of the cryptocurrency you will need to login to the bookmaker's website where you are already registered and, once you click on the payment section, choose the icon of the cryptocurrency of your choice. The process is anything but complex and will allow, in a moment, to start the bet.

Before making any kind of purchases and bets, users will need to make sure that the cryptocurrency is genuine, as well as the online betting platform where they have chosen to play.

Where to convert Bitcoin

The systems that allow you to make deposits on online gaming account with Bitcoin are increasingly numerous.

The most popular ones allow you to convert to legal tender safely and immediately. Among the main platforms include Neteller, and Skrill.

Cryptocurrencies, regardless of their type, should always be used exclusively in sports betting sites with a regular ADM or AAMS license, because only then you can be sure to avoid online scams and to play according to the indications provided by Italian law.

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