Legalization and use of online casinos

Brazil has been in the process of negotiating on the potential regulation of online casino games and their legalization. There are several concerns on the subject. Today, we will explore them. Gambling in brazil has been banned for several decades, but recently this issue has been put back on the table and legalization may be coming soon.

Games such as casino games, animal games, slots and bingo may be regulated in Brazil, allowing players easier access to their games of choice.The intention of this act would be to reduce the illicit recourse to this type of activity, in a clandestine way, which in no way protects the users nor contributes to the improvement of the Brazilian economy. The income from gambling and the reduction of risks associated with these illegal games are exactly part of the argument of the defenders of the legalization of games. Another argument lies precisely in the economic potential of this type of game when properly regulated and the support it can give to Brazilian economic growth.

The arguments against legalizationNot

all eyes on the legalization of gambling in Brazil are positive. In the Federal Prosecutor's Office, there are those who dispute all the pro-liberalisation arguments, stating that there are very great risks in regulating this type of activity.To begin with, openness towards operators, so that they operate in Brazil more freely, would create an increase in the number of platforms made available, and would make it difficult to choose one or even lead to a greater tendency towards addiction.Furthermore, it is also argued that the legalisation of gambling can contribute to increasing crime in the country, boosting corruption and money laundering schemes.

An endless discussion at this

time, the arguments for and against the legalization of Brazilian casino and bingo games remain on the table.

Examples such as the Portuguese, which regulated online gambling in 2021, are often cited as success stories and examples to follow. Still, the division between factions is visible. On the one hand, the elimination of illicit games of chance and the improvement of the national economy are defended; on the other hand, the belief that the only beneficiaries would be those associated with private entities and unfavourable to the interests of the country does not seem to give way. The practice of users of this type and platform, its great addictive potential and the role of this type of game in distorting morals and good customs are also themes that permeate the discussion.At the moment, although there is debate about legalization, the process still seems to be stalled; there is no prediction of when effective action will be taken to change the legislation that prohibits casino operators from installing themselves on Brazilian soil.

Players are now waiting for a decision on this issue.

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