Sports that reveal the achievements of today's women's struggle

Gender issues permeate the media and sports are one of the aspects that often end up being mentioned. Intense, the current feminist struggle has been accentuating the role of some sports by the prominence that female athletes have had in global championships. Sports are one of the favorite themes of the Brazilian people. Besides knowing by heart the dates of the main matches and the hiring of their teams, the Brazilian fans are determined to profit from their favorite sports and not lose what is being revealed on, to ensure that their sports betting is profitable.

Along with this great interest in the sport, we can verify by the narratives of the media that the international and Brazilian feminist struggle has been versed in various areas of work and numerous sectors, in which sports are also integrated.Although the place of women in several prominent places is being a permanent struggle, the world of sports is one of those that, without a doubt, has shown that women's capacity can be as impacting as men's. Several national and international athletes are gaining fame in sectors of sports that, previously, were only dominated by men.Know some of the sports where, in various ways, women are gaining importance.

Women and football is

one of Brazil's favourite sports and one of the areas where women are winning their place. Increasingly gender free, this sport is surprising fans and generating an increasingly loyal audience. Women's competitions are increasingly acclaimed and it is not only on the field that women stand out in football, but there are also more women in relevant positions within the teams' top positions.




feminine in judoThe

best known martial art, judo, is also a place where women are gaining prominence, both internationally and in Brazil. Although they have been part of the competition for several years, in Brazil this women's sport began gaining more prominence when the Brazilian Sarah Menezes brought to our country the gold medal.

It was

in 2021 that handball started to be faced, in Brazil, as a sport free of gender and this was due to the winning of the international competition. Brazil stands out internationally in female handball and has been the winner of medals in this modality for several times.

4 - Women's AthleticsBesides

the fact that women have been proving for many years that they deserve their place in the international athletics competition, the greatest highlight for women in the sport is the fact that today there are many women in positions of power in the sport. The Brazilian champion, Maurren Maggi, also deserves to be highlighted for her efforts and victories in athletics.

5 - Women in Sailing Sailing

is another sport that proves the prominence women are gaining in the world of sports.

The results of women in this competition are being increasingly better and their performance is attracting worldwide attention.

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