Urban tourism, the engine of online entrepreneurship

The Internet has become more than just a tool, it has become an explosion of possibilities that anyone can take advantage of to develop their own business. It is not easy to start up a business, but having the full support of the Internet to move forward with your business opens up more and more successful ways, and the tourism sector continues to offer more than satisfactory results, especially with regard to foreigners who come to visit different areas of Spain. So, why not join both paths? From this combination come online businesses oriented towards tourism, especially urban tourism, which seems to benefit most from new technologies. Only a few years ago, foreign tourists faced a multitude of difficulties which now, thanks to the adaptation or creation of certain websites, hardly seem to be a mere memory erased from memory.

Therefore, one option which could be very profitable for the entrepreneur is the creation of a website dedicated exclusively to the organisation of trips for foreign tourists who wish to visit Spanish cities. First of all, the entrepreneur must adapt his website to the language of the target audience: English is the universal language, so, above all, online content must be available in this language. Then, little by little, they must study the data periodically offered by the tourism sector and translate the website into the native languages of the most assiduous visitors. Firstly, because tourists do not have to understand Spanish.

Secondly, because it generates confidence and, if we add to this the possibility of making online reservations, either for hotels, museums or specific tourist attractions, the traveller will gain in comfort, will contract more services and, something very important in the long term, will repeat the stay and recommend our business, which will make it viable over time. If more and more people are using the web to organize their trips to cities they don't know, why not reach out to them? An interesting example of this type of proposal is the tourism sector in Madrid, which has bet on innovation with daring proposals such as organizing tours of the city by segway, which have been splendidly accepted by foreign tourists, especially the youngest, always in search of fun.

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